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Arrow/Bulletin Magazine

Magazine Design

Client: Metropolitan Club

The Metropolitan Club is a vibrant, historic private women’s club in the heart of San Francisco. Members, their families, and friends enjoy exceptional dining, resort-style amenities,

top-notch athletic and spa facilities, concerts, events, book and interest groups, travel, and welcoming overnight rooms.

To advertise and inform their members about events, and all other activities that are happening around the Metropolitan Club, they have a monthly magazine which was called Bulletin and has changed to Arrow.

I take the lead on managing and designing the Metropolitan Club's monthly magazine from concept to delivery. I receive the information and articles, read them and based on the concept I choose the best font, graphic and layout to convey the message to the members. I also keep the layout matching Met Club's branding and mission statement which is feminine, eye catching, and high class.

As the monthly magazine is always wordy, I keep the layout clean and simple with some negative space to let the audience's eyes catch the message while the layout is pleasant.

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