This project was about creating a story book based on one episode of the This American Life podcast. This project required listening to all of THIS AMERICAN LIFE’s episodes to choose the one that seemed the most interesting. The project’s goal was to represent the feeling of the podcast in the story by choosing the most appropriate typeface, images and book format.


I chose one episode of This American Life called “Who You Gonna Call?”. It included four different stories of people finding the perfect person to call in their times of need. I found the story very emotional and related to the human feeling, so I decided to use hand writing to represent the feeling that comes from people’s hearts. In addition, I used the Omnes typeface, which is a round sans serif typeface, to make the book more friendly and less serious. I tried to use abstract images to show the feeling of being in a dream by making the images black and white or monochromatic blue. The white book cover with handwriting on it could be a metaphor for people’s lives, empty as white at first, and then filled with stories.