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Who You Gonna Call?

Book Design

"Who You Gonna Call?" is a storybook based on an episode of "This American Life," a podcast. The aim of this book was to capture the essence of the podcast by carefully selecting the appropriate typeface, images, and book format to convey its unique atmosphere.

This book comprises four distinct stories in which individuals discover the perfect person to call during their moments of need. Personally, I found these stories deeply moving and relatable, as they tap into the core of human emotions. Consequently, I opted for handwritten text to evoke the heartfelt sentiments expressed by the characters. Moreover, I employed the Omnes typeface, a rounded sans serif font, to foster a friendly and approachable atmosphere within the book, steering away from a overly serious tone. To convey a sense of
dreamlike ambiance, I utilized abstract images rendered in black and white or monochromatic blue. The white book cover, adorned with handwritten text, serves as a metaphor for people's lives—a blank canvas initially, eventually filled with captivating narratives.

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