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Reza Abedini Exhibition

Exhibition Materials

Designing the exhibition materials involved a careful consideration of the artist's symbols and emotions. The objective was to ensure that every element created for the exhibition would effectively convey the essence of the artist's work to the public at first sight.

Reza Abedini, an Iranian graphic designer and professor, seamlessly combines traditional Islamic patterns, calligraphy, and culture with a modern aesthetic in his work. For my exhibition, I selected three of his posters as the primary visuals, carefully preserving their originality. To complement his intricate designs, I incorporated a black box featuring essential exhibition information. This addition aimed to maintain the integrity of Abedini's artwork while providing a clear and concise presentation.

Inspired by this black box concept and the texture of Abedini's work, I adopted it as the central design motif for all exhibition materials. This cohesive approach influenced the creation of various elements, including tickets, outdoor banners, wall designs, and the exhibition website. By harmonizing the black box and the textured elements, I strived to unify the exhibition materials while staying true to the essence of Abedini's artistry.

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