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Compassionate Fashion

Concept Design/Visual Creatures

This project leads me through specific steps in the design process to create engaging and relevant solutions. I proposed a topic, identified its relevant audience and stakeholders, then found, created, and implemented compelling visual elements in a variety of media that work together as a cohesive system. 

I designed a brand called Compassionate Fashion. It is a
brand which engages people to stop buying crocodile fashion luxury goods and think about the source of the leather fashion goods they buy. It ultimately encourages people to use artificial leather fashion goods instead of real crocodile leather to prevent American crocodiles from going extinct. For my first deliverable, I created an event which would raise awareness by presenting the horrific process of creating leather. The event encouraged people to lift up photos of the leather fashion goods on the wall to understand what is behind the leather. The second deliverable was a website and the third deliverable was an app which showed similar croc-free options in other animal-friendly brands when people searched for or took a photo of any crocodile leather goods.

all logo scratch.jpg
logo etude 2-2.jpg
logo final 3-1.jpg
logo final 3-2.jpg
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