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Compassionate Fashion

Concept Design/Visual Creatures

This project guided me through a series of deliberate steps in the design process, enabling me to craft captivating and pertinent solutions. First, I proposed a topic and meticulously identified the target audience and stakeholders associated

with it. Subsequently, I diligently sourced, crafted, and seamlessly integrated compelling visual elements across various media platforms, ensuring their harmonious synergy as a cohesive system.

I spearheaded the design of a brand named Compassionate Fashion with a compelling mission. This brand aims to engage individuals in reconsidering their purchase of crocodile fashion luxury goods and to raise awareness about the source of leather fashion products. The ultimate goal is to advocate for the use of artificial leather alternatives rather than real crocodile leather in order to prevent the extinction of American crocodiles.

My first deliverable involved conceptualizing and executing an event that shed light on the distressing process of leather production. Through this event, participants were encouraged to raise awareness by holding up photographs of leather fashion goods on a wall, gaining a deeper understanding of the hidden truths behind the leather industry. The second deliverable entailed the creation of a website, which served as an interactive platform for individuals to explore and learn about compassionate fashion choices. Lastly, I developed an app as the third deliverable, allowing users to search for or capture images of crocodile leather goods and discover alternative, croc-free options from animal-friendly brands.

Through these deliverables, the Compassionate Fashion brand endeavors to empower individuals to make conscious choices that support the preservation of American crocodiles and advocate for animal-friendly alternatives in the fashion industry.

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