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Gamble Your Life


My objective was to skillfully manipulate lights, colors, materials, and typography to fashion captivating and enigmatic visuals that unveiled the essence of a song. Throughout the design process, I ventured into a myriad of techniques to experiment and push the boundaries of typographic expression. One of my key endeavors involved creating a poster inspired by the chosen song. The primary aim was to convey the essence

of the music through a harmonious blend of typography, imagery, and layout.

I selected the hard rock song "Life is Beautiful" by the band Sixx Am, released in 2007. The song's lyrics revolve around embracing life by breaking free from monotonous routines and taking daring risks. To visually convey this sentiment, I incorporated triangle shapes and the color red, symbolizing movement and the element of risk. Furthermore, I opted for a dynamic serif typeface to add a sense of energy to the poster.

To present my interpretation of the song, I transformed the poster's theme from "Life is Beautiful" to "Gamble Your Life."
This change allowed me to express my own perspective on the song's message. In creating the Bedlam poster, I adopted
an abstract approach, utilizing coal to draw intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. These lines represent the chaos and turmoil that can occur within our lives, illustrating the concept of bedlam.

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