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Gamble Your Life


My aim was to play with lights, colors, materials, and type to create mysterious and incredible imagery that revealed the soul a song, exploring variety of ways to play with type. I designed a poster based on the song that I had chosen. The goal was to express the music through typography, imagery, and layout. 

I chose to work with “Life is beautiful“, a hard rock song by Sixx Am band from 2007. The lyrics of this song are about feeling the life by breaking out of our daily routines and taking risks. I used triangle shapes and the red color to represent the feeling of risk and movement. Also, I chose a serif typeface to make the poster dynamic. In addition, I changed the poster topic to “Gamble Your Life” instead of “Life Is Beautiful” because I wanted to show my interpretation of the song. I decided to make the Bedlam poster abstract by using coal to draw vertical and horizontal lines which interrupt each other, conveying the idea that bedlam is happening in our lives.

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