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Lucky Dog

Concept Design

Create a logo, poster and hypothetical magazine and direct a visual concept based on specific subject. Show the ability to create the cohesive layout that can flexibly fit with its various contents. Execute the concept of visualization. The goal is to have complete elements for the magazine, and include at least three different articles, table of contents, chapter openers, and a fully designed cover.

I created an organization called Lucky Dog. Lucky Dog encourages people to adopt dogs instead of buying them and convinces people they would be as lucky as lucky dogs if they have a pet. Then based on the Lucky Dog organization, I designed a poster and a magazine called Jump. I chose Jump for the name for the magazine to represent a happy and positive feeling, which can make a friendly connection with people. Each article in the magazine is related to adopting a dog. I used the same typeface but different colors to divide the chapters and maintain consistency. 

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