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Lucky Dog

Concept Design

The task at hand involves creating a logo, poster, and a hypothetical magazine while adhering to a specific subject. It is essential to demonstrate the capability to craft a cohesive layout that can seamlessly accommodate diverse content. The primary objective is to execute the concept of visualization effectively. The desired outcome includes a comprehensive set of elements for the magazine, encompassing at least three distinct articles, a table of contents, chapter openers, and a meticulously designed cover.

I founded an organization called Lucky Dog, which aims to promote the adoption of dogs instead of purchasing them, emphasizing that people can experience the same luck and joy as fortunate canines by having a pet. Building upon the Lucky Dog initiative, I proceeded to design a poster and a magazine titled "Jump." I selected this name to evoke a sense of happiness and positivity, fostering a friendly connection with readers. Each article featured in the magazine revolves around the theme of dog adoption.

To ensure visual coherence, I employed a consistent typeface throughout the magazine, while employing distinct colors to demarcate different chapters, maintaining a cohesive design.

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