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Brand Identity

The objective was to revive a stagnant or defunct brand by infusing it with fresh energy and purpose. This involved expanding the core essence of the brand and devising a new visual system that would unlock future possibilities, ultimately leading to the creation of a comprehensive brand standards guide. By delving into the original brand's essence, I unearthed its soul and utilized it as a foundation to develop a forward-looking brand identity. This revitalized brand was designed with a future-focused approach, resulting in the production of multiple deliverables.

I embarked on the rebranding of Hummer, a truck and SUV brand rooted in its military heritage. By identifying key attributes such as adventure, unmovable strength, and guardianship, I sought to transform Hummer into a new brand that empowers individuals to be resilient, courageous, and safeguard their well-being both indoors and outdoors. To visually communicate this concept, I incorporated a color palette consisting of gold, grey, and black within the brand's visual system.

For the new logo, I ingeniously combined elements symbolizing power and protection. The logo features the majestic wings of an eagle, representing strength, alongside a shield, serving as a visual representation of safeguarding. Furthermore, the letter "H" is integrated seamlessly into the design, representing the brand's connection to its original identity.

Through these rebranding efforts, the new Hummer brand evokes a sense of empowerment, boldness, and protection, ensuring its resonance with the target audience.

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