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My Distracting Thoughts

Concept Design

The primary source of my research material was my immediate environment or habitat. I observed that individuals naturally absorb and retain information about the things they see, hear, touch, and smell as they navigate through their daily routines. My intention was to ensure that the collected material reflected a central theme or concept derived from these daily observations.

I made the decision to capture and illustrate all of my observations and emotions during a weekend of work as a waitress. Throughout my time at the restaurant, I encountered various intriguing situations, including interactions with eccentric customers, serving patrons, and cultivating positive relationships with my colleagues. To convey the unique perspective of a waitress, I opted for a black and white typeface and images set against a light creamy background. This
specific filter allowed me to showcase every moment through the lens of a waitress.


To further enhance the visual experience, each page of the project featured a distinct grid and layout, which were shaped by my particular feelings and moods at that precise moment in time. This approach ensured that each page captured the essence of my personal experience as a waitress, creating a dynamic and engaging narrative.

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