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Takestan Tire Arsalan

Illustration/Visual Design

Client: Arsalan Tire

Studio: Graphic Room

A tire brand named "Takestan Tire Arsalan" approached Graphic Room, a creative design team, to develop a series of distinct posters for their company. As a member of the Graphic Room team, I was responsible for generating ideas and designing the Takestan Tire Arslan poster.

I chose to showcase the tire's strength by depicting a truck being pulled by a massive tire, accentuating the emitted smoke. To accomplish this, I captured photographs of the actual Tekestan Tire Arsalan tires and further developed my ideas, incorporating additional details using Photoshop. In my pursuit of designing hyper-realistic, distinctive, and captivating posters, I abstained from utilizing any stock photography.

To convey a sense of power, energy, and motion, I deliberately selected vibrant colors for the visuals. This choice aimed to make the posters visually striking and evoke a strong impression on viewers.

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