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Takestan Tire Arsalan

Illustration/Visual Design

Client: Arsalan Tire

Studio: Graphic Room

A tire brand called “Takestan Tire Arsalan” asked Graphic Room, a creative design team, to design several different posters for their company. I worked as a member of the Graphic Room team and was tasked with coming up with the idea for the Takestan Tire Arslan poster and desig them.

I decided to show the power of the tires by showing a truck being pulled by a huge tire and illustrating the smoke that came from the tire. I took photos of the actual tires from Tekestan Tire Arsalan and then developed my ideas and added details in Photoshop. I didn’t use any stock photography because I wanted to design hyper-realistic, unique and eye-catching posters. I chose vivid colors to represent power, energy and movement.

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