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Lindo's Instagram

Social Management/Photography

Client: Lindo

During my tenure as the senior graphic designer at Lindo, a home appliances company, I assumed the responsibility of managing the company's Instagram page to ensure its appeal and usefulness. I curated and uploaded captivating photos that showcased Lindo's diverse range of products, enticing customers to visit the company's physical store.

I made a deliberate choice to upload visually stunning and captivating photos that effectively showcased Lindo's products on the company's Instagram page. These photos included a variety of products available in Lindo's stores, encompassing both new additions and interior design items. To create an inviting atmosphere, I utilized these products to construct appealing table settings. Subsequently, I captured these settings through photography, meticulously editing the images to enhance lighting and color. Finally, I shared these edited photos on Instagram, ensuring they represented Lindo's products in their best light.

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