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Rise and Shine (final proof).jpg

Rise & Shine

Illustration/Concept Design

Client: Rebecca Williams

Rise & Shine is a 3 weeks workshop with Rebecca Williams that helps women to tell their story to show up as their biggest, most authentic self.
Every woman has a story to tell—a story that communicates her feminine strength, resilience, and grit. Being able to own and communicate this story is the key to showing up with confidence and authenticity. It’s the key to becoming a commanding speaker. But many women don’t know how to tell their story—women just like you. They struggle to express themselves in a clear and concise way, and they beat themselves up about it. Here’s why we need to change that: when women don’t have the confidence to express their authentic self in a big way, the whole world suffers.This workshop will guide and coach you in creating a powerful personal story delivered on video that communicates who you are and why what you’re up to matters.

After numerous iterations and thoughtful design explorations, I ultimately crafted a refined and straightforward logo. At its core, the logo features a primary circular shape, symbolizing the radiant and warm qualities associated with the sun. The strategic use of a vibrant yellow color in the word "shine" further accentuates these attributes.

Additionally, the incorporation of seven vertical lines within the letter "I" in "Rise" serves as a metaphorical representation of standing up, as well as the sun's rays or blades. This subtle yet impactful element adds depth and symbolism to the overall design, aligning with the empowering essence of the brand.

Logo story.jpg
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