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Activate Your Money

Book Cover Design

Client: Janine Firpo

Activate Your Money is a ground-breaking book educates readers about personal finance and values-aligned investing.
It demystifies financial lingo, explains investment strategies, and provides you with the knowledge you need to make informed ethical investment decisions across your entire portfolio. Starting with your cash and proceeding asset class
by asset class, Activate Your Money provides the foundational support you need to take control of your money, grow your wealth, and put your assets to work supporting the things you care about.


The author, Janine Firpo asked me to design a book cover that would be serious to show it's talking about a serious topic "Money," but not too serious to scare the audience. To be energetic and fun that shows the "Money" topic it could be fun and interesting. To be feminine of course because the book
is talking to women. And also shows diversity because the book is related to all women around the world and not only specific groups.

I got inspired by patterns on different countries' currencies, combining them with floral patterns that give feminine feelings. I used different colors for showing diversity and also bright colors to emphasize on a fun and energetic topic.

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