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Virtual Presentation Skills Workshop

Illustration/Concept Design

Client: Rebecca Williams

Virtual Presentation Skills Workshop is a program that helps you to Become a Confident Presenter. It's focusing on Learn how to create content, connect with a virtual audience, and deliver on camera in this on-demand course.


In the first chapter people learn about the Virtual Presentation Message Framework that helps them clarify and organize their content for any presentation. Part two is focusing on how to use stories to bring facts to life, how to create opportunities for the audience to be participants, not just observers, and how to use slides to keep audiences engaged. And at the end it teaches how to time their delivery, use transitions so they can move seamlessly through their content, and it teaches you how to project presence through the camera.

I designed the cover with the first letter of Virtual Presentation Skills Workshop, filled up with thin lines, overlapping each other to give the visual vibe and also convey the focusing. Puting the subhead in the vivid eye rectangle also makes the audience focus on the center the frame and the message of this course. 


I designed the workshop booklet as an interactive PDF to be easy and productive that makes the audience participate in the course even on their mobile or iPad as they are learning each chapter. You can see the course's interactive PDF here.

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