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Ruby Red Gala,

Oscar Party 2020

Illustration/Visual Design

Client: Academy Of Friends

The Academy Awards Night Charity Gala, organized by the influential non-profit Academy of Friends, stands as their largest annual fundraising event. This exclusive, high-profile affair serves as the focal point for their endeavors in raising funds, distributing donations, and fostering volunteerism to support a wide range of HIV/AIDS organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2020, the gala adopted a captivating theme: "Ruby Red." I was entrusted with the task of designing the poster for their extensive public advertising campaign

aimed at promoting the event.

As the sole artist responsible, it was my duty to translate the concept into an original poster artwork that would be displayed across San Francisco on billboards, electronic kiosks, bus shelters, and various social media platforms. For the design,

I placed particular emphasis on celebrating diversity, as the event aimed to embrace and welcome individuals from all walks of life. I infused the artwork with an aura of sensuality, confidence, and opulence, utilizing carefully crafted poses, patterns, colors, and typography. Witnessing this poster prominently featured in the bustling urban corridors of the city and at the event itself was an immense honor for me.

Final poster Vertical (for web).jpg
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